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KIFF: Butler’s 10 to watch


The Kansas City Star

No, I haven’t seen every film at KIFF this year. But after several weekends holed up with the DVD player, these titles (in no particular order) stick in my memory as particularly watchable:

“House of Numbers” (3:10 p.m. Sunday): HIV causes AIDS, right? Not so fast, says Brent W. Leung’s documentary, which, among other things, holds that HIV diagnostic techniques don’t work, that AIDS could be blamed on other things (like the once-common use of “poppers” by gays) and that many of today’s HIV-fighting drugs do more harm than good.

The film could use some streamlining — you practically need a flow chart to follow all the ideas percolating here — but you’ll come out with at least some skepticism about how the issue has been framed by the medical (and political) community. “House of Numbers” could be right, or it could be dangerous pseudo-science. Either way, it’s thought-provoking watching.