Chris Feedback Oct 2011

From Chris (Last Name Intentionally Deleted)
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I've just finished watching the new (at least to me) 'Emperor's New Virus' documentary and I have to say it was incredibly well done. I've been aware of the work of the Perth Group for some time and am probably one of the relatively few gay men who have actually read through many of their papers. This was an amazing summation of their argument and the context within which it was set via the interviews with scientists I had read about in their papers was remarkable.

This comes on the heals of just having seen a movie at our local GLBT film festival about the early AIDS epidemic in San Francisco which of course was very emotional. I'm 43 and so am just young enough not to have really lived through that era. However I sat in a sea of people a generation older than me who i know did, in fact I was with a friend who lost 150 friends. (this is the documentary)

I sat there watching this very emotional documentary and couldn't help wonder if I was the only one with a knowledge about the true nature of the “HIV” antibody tests, the isolation issue, and a host of other aspects of the HIV/AIDS issue that most aren't aware of.

Anyway, having found the Emperor's New VIrus online after having seen this other documentary tonight was very meaningful to me.