Professors' behavior at "House of Numbers" embarrassing


Emily Severson: Professors' behavior at "House of Numbers" embarrassing
By Emily Severson - Student

Updated: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

While "House of Numbers" has proven to be a controversial film worthy of many discussions, something I feel should also be discussed is the behavior of some of the professors who attended the film. This documentary provided an excellent opportunity for students to question what they have been taught and form their own opinions, which was unfortunately hindered by the disrespectful, controlling and narrow minded remarks of some of the professors. One professor said they were afraid that we would all walk out of the room and have unprotected sex and think everything we have been taught is a lie. I was personally insulted; I think that we as college students deserve a little more credit than that. All of the students I spoke with attended the film to gain information on the topic of HIV and AIDS and to ask questions, not to form an alliance against HIV research and funding. The main point is that this was a film shown for students to learn a less popular viewpoint, and the Q&A session was provided for STUDENTS to ask any QUESTIONS they may have. Certain professors dominated the microphone- attacking the filmmaker, pushing their own beliefs and preaching their personal political agendas. No one is saying that what they had to say is not valid, but that was neither the time nor the place. If they wanted to refute what was addressed in the film, they should schedule their OWN forum. Students are seeking information to establish a well educated opinion (the purpose of college), and would, with out a doubt, attend to hear their viewpoint.The fact that students left a STUDENT event with unanswered questions because professors refused to stop pushing their political opinions is disgusting. This is the first time I have ever been embarrassed to be affiliated with UW-La Crosse.