Week Rewind, Hannah Lawrence


"House of Numbers" Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Hannah Lawrence

Despite the tremendous advancements in the treatment of HIV/AIDS in recent years, many scientists and medical professionals continue to disagree about the specifics of the disease and its manifestations. The widespread variety of opinions has spurred countless debates about treatment and a potential cure within the medical communities. 

And it has divided that world.

"House of Numbers" is Canadian filmmaker Brent Leung's first feature film and it documents how countries are all searching for a cure, even though most of them disagree on what, exactly, HIV/AIDS is. In the trailer, we see Leung willingly surrender his own beliefs about the disease and openly accept conflicting theories from scientists and specialists. In talking to one specialist after another, the back-to-back different mindsets are alarming. This proves there is accuracy in Leung's own description of the film as "the first picture to present the uncensored POVs of virtually all the major players."

"House of Numbers" does not appear to be a documentary that tracks the history and rapid spread of HIV/AIDS, which some might think prevents it from comprehensively analyzing the disease. And while it might have helped for Leung to provide his audience with a brief rundown of the disease and its complications, the trailer suggests the director avoided doing so because he wanted to make viewers question their own knowledge of HIV/AIDS.

It's scary to think there are very few widely held truths about the HIV/AIDS pandemic. What's so intriguing about "House of Numbers" is that it doesn't appear to be a documentary that tries to separate supposition from fact.  Instead, it's caught in the midst of an evolving, critical debate.