Frontline - India, S. krishnaswamy

Volume 26 - Issue 23 :: Nov. 07-20, 2009
from the publishers of THE HINDU

In the documentary category, we gave the two certificates of merit to House of Numbers (Canadian) and Children of the Pyre (Indian). House of Numbers, directed by Brent Leung, challenges the common understanding of HIV-AIDS, with a combination of perceptive research, investigative journalism and a sharp eye for detail, compelling you to change your perspective. One learns that the AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) threat is highly exaggerated. Through interviews with patients, doctors and scientists, the film establishes that the mortality rate among those who receive treatment after testing positive for HIV, or the human immunodefiency virus, is far higher than in people who ignored the diagnosis more than 15 years ago and refused to take the prescribed medicines. Interviews with Nobel laureates and senior scientists reveal that HIV has never been recognised in any laboratory and that all treatment is based on vague hypotheses. The film indirectly suggests that pharmaceutical lobbies have created the threat in the minds of possibly well-meaning but ignorant politicians.