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Brent, since the passing of my dear mother on 09/11/2008 I had been out of commission for a year and recently got back into the  arena in hopes of being an Instrument for the HIV/AIDS dissentious movement. I recently had the opportunity with sponsors and donations per John Robert Hankins to attend the Rethinking AIDS 2009 conference in Oakland California ,and they made it happen!

I was tired of course,it was my first flight in 37 years but I was in total awe to finally meet all of the people who saved me from an Antiretroviral death.  I had only been in shadows for over 5 years and I had the privledge to view your new film House of Numbers, and I see the controversy surrounding it.

I plan to to do small public gatherings and host some type of forum to help others re-think what they have been told about HIV/AIDS. Brent, thanks for your hard work and the efforts you have done to bring this issue to life for the world to see.


I believe you have a following that will stand by you all of the way...

Here's my story..


I tested HIV positive in September of 1997 when I was 27 years old and was asked to begin antiretroviral treatment. I followed the AIDS establishment’s advice and I believed everything that they told me. I was immediately entered into the DMP-266 Study here in Florida for a Protease Inhibitor called Indinivir which was a study for "HIV Patients" or "Newly Diagnosed". The study was performed by Doctor Godofsky who was studying the effects of Protease Inhibitors namely Indinavir (Crixivan) on HIV patients. This Drug is extreme. It's very difficult for people to tolerate, and in spite of my so-called HIV status I was not sick with any illness or symptoms of any kind. I took this drug for four never-ending months and wanted nothing more than to die. After four months of "Toxic Hell," I ran away from all of the people in my life to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where I met new friends and lived out my so-called HIV diagnosis.


WARNING: CRIXIVAN is indicated for the treatment of HIV infection in adults when antiretroviral therapy is warranted. This indication is based on analysis of surrogate endpoints in studies of up to 24 weeks in duration. At present,(2009) there are no results from controlled clinical trials evaluating the effect of therapy with CRIXIVAN on clinical progression of HIV infection, such as survival or the incidence of opportunistic infections."
- from Merck's Crixivan product information

A Hispanic doctor there at one of the largest HIV/AIDS centers in Florida told me I was overdosing on the toxic study drug. He changed the regimen to the cocktail Combivir and Nevirapine which I did tolerate but I knew my body was being harmed by all of these drugs. I felt it from the inside out. A lot of people are taught virology 101 out of a basic high school text so they can graduate High School, however these areas of study are taught in depth in many universities. The point of all this is that AIDS researchers, doctors, clinicians, nurses or whomever do not explain HIV and AIDS to the common person. A so-called HIV diagnosis is instantly accepted as fact and the Pharmaceutical Industry eagerly awaits and targets these people. I was one of those people, innocent, naive, and doomed to death by a prognosis of “AIDS” within five to eight years. My 8th grade class of science and biology was dormant in my mind somewhere after all of those years I couldn't tell anyone what a cell was or what its purpose was, I had indeed forgotten.


I was told for many years that “HIV causes AIDS” and I actually believed they were both viruses and no one from the AIDS establishment told me otherwise. If survey's were done on an average street corner, the sad news is that most people have adopted the orthodox terminology to think or believe that AIDS is the same thing as HIV or believe one virus causes another virus and this issue has gone too far. Billions of dollars have been spent on HIV/AIDS awareness programs designed to educate the public, which have simply failed. I believe more questions need to be asked and the truth must be acknowledged.


While being diagnosed in Sarasota Florida in 1997 and running from it, the gloom and toxic emotions that the AIDS establishment created for anyone who dares get tested followed me to Fort Lauderdale. It was my new home for two years and the diagnosis was with me. I lived it and entertained it as an HIV Positive person awaiting my death in a few short years.


Within the ranks of the AIDS Establishment there is no set clinic you have to join. There are so many government funded agencies that will offer an “HIV positive” person healthcare because it all comes from the same government funds; Welfare, Housing, paid Utilities, Mortgage payments, Drugs.. You name it and it’s there for you and why not since we have to suffer this label and all the social and psychological consequences that go along with it? The government pays for it.


Based on word of mouth in Sarasota I was told my partner had "full-blown" AIDS and was lying to me. Although I wasn't sick and didn’t have any problems or symptoms associated with HIV or AIDS, I ran off to get tested and I told the anonymous clinic the same thing that my friends had told me and voila - a positive ELISA test. Thinking back, in Fort Lauderdale, I had nothing more than the common cold or influenza at most and by 1999 I needed a change. I moved back to Sarasota and lived there for the next three and half years. The small quiet HIV clinic in Sarasota was nestled off the street corner downtown. I had faced the clinic that dubbed me HIV positive and with welcoming arms everything was transferred back to the past.


In two years the organization had changed a lot and within one year they were funded for a brand new building with new equipment and everything was nice and modernized before they moved. I went to my appointments for PCR or Viral Load testing and most clinics suggest you do it every 3 months to measure how much virus is in your body. A phlebotomist named "Brooke" stuck a needle through the vain that was commonly used and I hit the floor instantly. As angry as I was while a nurse ran for orange juice I asked Brooke "Why don't you give us the Cure?” Her response was shocking and rude at most she said, "If we gave you the cure then I wouldn’t have a job.” Another example of this was when my doctor and I were fighting over changing my "Medications" and I told her if you change them I will not take them! She admitted flu shots can elevate a PCR measurement which she had prescribed right before my last appointment for PCR.


Another time a substitute HIV specialist who was filling in for my regular doctor gave me erroneous test results. As an HIV positive, I was often labeled a "Favorite or Good Patient" based on my counts but this time in 2003 the substitute doctor walked in the room flipped open the chart and said to me, " I have bad news your T cell count has dropped from 1,000 range to 300 but your PCR{Viral Load} is still undetected" Instantly my heart jumped and I could feel toxic emotions overwhelm me. As I left the building out in the parking lot I cried like a child and then suddenly the nurse stops me at my car and says “wait, the doctor needs to see you right away!" Back in the clinic he stood there looking at my chart with a smug look and said, "We've made a mistake and flipped my labs to the very next page which was re-done and my t-cells were actually in the 1,000 range or higher. I would almost bet that my T-cells (CD4's) did drop or from his cruel mistake he had made from the toxic emotional state I was in.


At this point I had already found a website on the internet called, which is an HIV dissident website. Even being the skeptic I was, I continued with two doses of Combivir and 2 doses of Viramune at 9am and 9pm every single day. My body and my mind were programmed automatically like a time-clock. Interestingly enough I was beginning to question this whole process. Later on I decided to move to Clearwater, Florida and transferred everything from my Sarasota and Ft Lauderdale labs in Sarasota County to Pinellas County.


I encountered a new type of AIDS organization in Pinellas County where I had been use to a single type clinic where everything is done right there in one building. In Pinellas County you find yourself on a field trip driving for miles and the network is so big and sporadic that you forget who's who and what's what. Pinellas County is probably the most confusing place in Florida being surrounded on both sides of water near Tampa bay. In August 2003, I transferred everything and did my initial intake. I drove back and forth to St Petersburg, Largo, and Clearwater for all my appointments and most of the day was spent filling out paper work.


Once, I changed my phone number and forgot to notify them. I called them shortly after Christmas 2003 and to my surprise they said "We have been looking for you and you need to come in...There is a discrepancy in your labs and we need to retest you for HIV or we cannot get funding for you and provide you with healthcare".


Re-Test Me! I asked???? So I made the appointment for January 2, 2004.


I walked into the Largo clinic wondering what was wrong now. A nice little foreign HIV nurse asked me to sit and she laid my immunoblot on the phlebotomist chair and said you are "indeterminate, do you see all the bands (proteins) here are absent? We have to retest you." I said what does this mean? Does it mean I am negative? She said, “I am not sure, that’s why we have to retest. We need the original Western Blot from Doctor Godofsky, so sign this consent form please.”  She immediately pulled six blood samples to retest me. I said what about my “meds”? She looks down at my chart and said: "You have always had good counts Tomás you should have stopped them over two years ago.

As I left the clinic with tears in my eyes as happy as I can be everything I had read about was instantly confirmed and I rushed home to call my Mom. When I told her the news, she told me that something was always up with those people. That night my mind and body knew it was 9pm and I picked up the bottles of Combivir and Nevirapine and said, ”No! I have never needed you!" No more “meds” for me! Three weeks later I walked into the Largo clinic and the nurse said hello. I sat down. She looked at me and said "WE LOST YOUR BLOOD WORK, four of the tubes of blood were lost in Tampa and two were also lost in Tallahassee.”


I was livid underneath my fake smile and was barely able to contain myself. She phoned someone in St Petersburg and said, "we need an emergency Western Blot done" and the person on the phone seemed argumentative with her and I heard her say, “We must squeeze him in or we can get a huge fine.”


A month later I drove to St Petersburg after retesting with them again and I went in and asked for my results. It came back positive but the secretary searched for my results and couldn't find it at first. When she finally found it, she was shaking or nervously aware that she knew that I knew something suspicious was going on. I questioned why my results were not in my file and on a desk upstairs.


I view my 6 year life as an HIV patient as a lesson learned. It sure has made me eager to know more and to share with others the truth that sits behind every desk in the AID$ Industry. "The love of money is the root of all evil," my grandmother taught me and I believe there's something evil lurking in this thing we call AIDS.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that AIDS is a syndrome. "A collection of Illnesses," an even more distorted construct of GRIDS. No old or modern dictionary in the world will ever define a syndrome as a T-cell count like the AIDS establishment does. No loosely labeled HIV test will ever define me as an HIV patient like the AIDS establishment does.

I often times wonder if I hadn't found Virus Myth who would have told me the truth? Who would have warned me of the danger of the AID$ Establishment? The myth of HIV, the tests for HIV, and the drugs for HIV should all be illegal and banned in the U.S. A., which should be directed to the President himself. The movement for the Reappraisal of the “HIV causes AIDS” theory (Rethinking AIDS) will stand face to face in helping stop iatrogenic poisoning with HIV/AIDS “treatments” around the world.


People labeled and defined HIV Positive can detoxify and heal their bodies and move on with their lives. I now live with acute anemia, neuropathy, and irreversible DNA damage from the toxic drugs prescribed to me. However, the AID$ establishment never forced me to take the horrid drugs yet they created an illusion for me and as well as millions of people around the world, I believed and lived a daily lie and the billions dollar in AID$ funding is still to blame for iatrogenic poisoning worldwide.


November 3, 2009

It has been almost six years since my testimonial was written, and almost thirteen years since the HIV Industry labeled me HIV positive, today I am alive and very healthy according to my doctor and the way I live my life. So many friends of the past sometimes ask me why I’m not dead; they literally thought I would be dead from AIDS by now. How shocking is that?


My story is not new or uncommon because so many of us with the same testimonial who once thought that dissentious views of HIV/AIDS was just downright insane. If it wasn't for those brave people that waded through the ridicule as outcasts from the mainstream, I know for sure I would have been dead five or six years ago. I am Living Proof that HIV does not cause AIDS; my so called lab counts have given me a total understanding of the HIV paradigm and an honor roll as someone special. I know this is not true and my doctor does not have to know my approach. How can someone be in so much denial with a CD4 count of 1,430 and Undetectable Viral Load three times in one year with absolutely no drug regimen for 6 years and be called a “special patient?” There is nothing unique or special about me I am simply a human being who denies and ignores doctor’s orders and I get to live a normal existence as my reward.


Some have called me a dissident, a denier, a rethinker, a denialist, and some other really ignorant and hateful names. I have since come to terms with this opposing force. The iatrogenic construct, “HIV/ AIDS,” has killed many of my gay brothers in the past and continues to maim and kill them only slower in the present. Yes, I deny that HIV causes AIDS, so I now claim it.

I end it by saying I am a denyalist.


I Will Survive.

Sincerely ~

Tomás Brewster