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I’d been wanting to see House of Numbers, and wasn’t disappointed. It’s important, well-researched and densely-packed, including an impressive array of voices for a 90-minute documentary. Among those chiming in are heavy-weights Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo of HIV discovery fame, Peter Duesberg of HIV dissident fame, and an array of Nobel laureates, AIDS physicians, infectious disease specialists, virologists, epidemiologists, cell biologists, chemists, journalists, and those having had the most intimate experience with AIDS of all—victims and survivors. Together, they shine the brightest of lights on the uncomfortable fact that despite what we’ve been told, nothing about AIDS is as clear-cut as the simplistic get-tested, safe-sex, take-your-meds mantra we’ve been fed for decades.
Addressing the problems of serious adverse effects of AIDS medications, the ambiguity of AIDS testing, and how AIDS became politicized, the film reminds viewers that despite colossally disproportionate billions invested and promises of cures and vaccines a very long time ago, we still have none. It’s clear that the controversy around both causation and treatment is anything but over.
Like all good films, House of Numbers raises infinitely more questions than it does offer answers, and I really need to see it again to assimilate it all. I hope they’ll include it in the line-up for this year’s Edmonton Film Festival
And of course I think it’s very cool that Brent Leung is a fellow Canadian
Connie Howard

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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