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Brent, I attended the Nashville Film Festival and unfortunately I didn't get a chance to talk to you afterwards. I just want to extend my appreciation for your work, your ability to question what some of us have believed to be written in stone. As an african graduate student who is fighting to rebuild a continent without the fear of HIV/AIDS I really learned alot, gained a lot of information, at the end of it all my brain was swimming in the sea of confusion but I still appreciated your ability to show both sides of the coin. I was surprised to see some people accuse you of being inadequate but then again, in the beginnings, the earth was thought to be flat! Thank you so much for challenging me to look at HIV/AIDS from different angles! Is it a disease or a political agenda? This is the question on my mind at the moment. Courage, you have taken on a hot topic and your approach is one to raise eyebrows and arouse anger in some people, I would love to see your follow ups in the future.

Are you planning on making the film available to the public in the future?

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